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Mobile Cash Withdrawal

Mobile Cash Withdrawal

With Mobile Cash Withdrawal you never need to use your ATM or Debit Card at an enabled Marquette ATM. Making it impossible for criminals to gain access to your accounts through an ATM. To see how to use Mobile Cash Withdrawal at a Marquette ATM, click the icon to watch the video .

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Your cash is made available in seconds.

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Everything is handled through your phone including your receipt which is stored electronically in one place. You never enter a PIN # or swipe your ATM card. No chance of your card being skimmed

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With Mobile Cash you never use your PIN to make a withdrawal. Since your ATM card is not used, the chance of someone stealing your PIN number or using a skimming device is virtually nil. In addition, information about your account is not stored on your phone. It's stored in a secure cloud so even if your phone is lost or stolen your account information remains safe and secure.

How it Works

Any Marquette Savings Bank customer that owns a smart phone has FREE access to the Mobile Cash Withdrawal smart phone application.

Customers must first enroll in Marquette Online and Mobile Banking. CLICK HERE for DETAILS

  • Once enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking the Mobile Cash Withdrawal App will appear when opening MOBILE MARQUETTE on your phone.
  • Initiate your transaction by opening the Mobile Marquette app
  • Tap the Mobile Cash button
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdrawal
  • Once at an enabled Marquette ATM:
    • Push the Mobile Cash Button
    • Use your smartphone to scan a unique QR code
    • The amount you specified is presented in seconds.

 ¹ Message and data rates also apply such as fees your wireless carrier may charge you for data usage and text messaging services.

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