Mobile Receipt

Mobile Receipt is Now Available!

Marquette is excited to announce a new feature added to our Mobile Banking App...Mobile Receipts! With Mobile Receipt you now have an effortless way to keep track of your receipts, categorize your purchases, and generate expense reports. 

This new feature is found exclusively in our Mobile Marquette app, AND you're already registered as long as you have an Online Banking account set-up at Marquette!

Customers can now:

  • Safely store and consolidate all of your receipts in one location. 
  • Create your own unique receipt email address that links to the Mobile Marquette app. All you have to do is give the cashier this email address when you're at the register making your purchase.
  • Upload paper and electronic receipts to your mobile device through camera capture and email.
  • Store your warranty information, and set reminder notifications for when your warranties are going to expire.
  • Export a file of your receipts and key information for accounting, tax preparation or generating expense reports.
  • When you take a picture of the receipt it will auto fill the receipt information so you won't have to!
  • You can leave notes in each receipt by adding receipt details.
  • Your receipts are available to view in the Mobile Marquette app for 3 years, 4 additional years in archive. 
  • Split your bills.
  • Categorize your receipts.
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How do you get started?

Marquette customers who are enrolled in Online Banking are automatically registered to use Mobile Receipts through the Mobile Marquette app. You can get started by logging into the app, it's that simple!

Not enrolled in Online Banking? Enroll Today!

Contact your local Marquette office to enroll in online banking today! Click here to find the branch closest to you.

Once enrolled in online banking, adding Mobile Marquette is quick and easy. Simply download the Mobile Marquette app directly to your smartphone or tablet and the app will provide easy, step-by-step instructions that will have you banking by mobile in no time.

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