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Business Banking Team at Marquette 

If you are in business, you have probably heard about members of our business banking team. They have a reputation for making a difference with businesses across our region. They will be there when you need them and go the extra mile for you to find the very best solution for your business. You can count on it.

If you have not met our business banking team yet, this is your opportunity to experience business banking at a totally local level. Give them a call.

John Dill

“I have worked in (business) banking nearly my entire professional career. During that time, I often said, 'people do business with people and not necessarily the company name on the building.' While there is much truth in that statement, at Marquette our name does matter. Our name does mean something. It means 'hometown banking.' It means local people making local decisions. It means reinvesting back into our community - YOUR community. Marquette built its reputation on providing outstanding quality service to its consumer customers by making it easy for customers to do business with us. That same philosophy is at the core of our Business Banking strategy. I am proud to say, “I work at Marquette Savings Bank."

John C. Dill, Senior Vice President of Business Banking
(814) 455-4481

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Eugene Cirka

“With over 31 years of experience, I have seen quite a lot of unique business situations from businesses large and small. I take a lot of pride in taking that experience and being able to find unique solutions for my customers that they could not find anywhere else. Being a local bank ensures that my recommendations are heard and valued.”

Eugene Cirka, Vice President & Senior Business Banker
(814) 337-7929

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Jon Patsy

“I have worked at other banks and the difference for me is our solutions approach. We have the long-term in mind when we provide our recommendations and are not thinking about the short-term sales. Our goal is to earn the confidence of our customers by doing what is right for THEM. The end result is customers who trust us and a business relationship that stands the test of time.”

Jon Patsy, Vice President & Business Banker
(814) 455-4481

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Terry Danko

"To me, what distinguishes Marquette business banking from other banks is ability to build relationships with the client. Unlike larger financial institutions, the business bankers at Marquette are not led by sales goals. Instead, the business bankers are able to give professional advice, match the client to the right product, and process the loan requests in a timely manner."

Terry Danko, Assistant Vice President & Business Banker
(814) 337-7929

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Sarah Giambanco

“In my role as a business banking representative, I meet with customers to discuss their financing needs and determine how Marquette can help them achieve their goals. I assist customers throughout the application process and continue to provide support on an ongoing basis. I really value our ability to develop quality relationships with my customers and to really understand their business.”

Sarah Giambanco, Business Banking Representative
(814) 455-4481

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Dan Business Banker Web

"My goal as a Business Banker is to be a reliable resource to you. I've been a banking professional for 10+ years, and I take pride in having the opportunity to learn about your business while providing solutions for your financing needs. Marquette has a business model that really allows us to focus on what is right for our customers. Give us a chance and we'll show you what a Hometown Bank can do."

Daniel Walsh, Business Banking Representative
(814) 337-7929

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Katrina Business Banker Web

"As a Business Banker with an extensive background in economic development, I value the customer centered approach to fostering solutions that ultimately grow our region. Marquette’s hometown focus, strong relationships with businesses, and commitment to the community are unparalleled. I’m proud to be a part of a dynamic organization and grateful that we Mpower™ our clients to continue investing."

Katrina Vincent, Business Banking Representative
(814) 455-4481

Sherry Waller

“As a credit analyst, I enjoy meeting business owners and learning about what makes their businesses unique. I am proud to say that Marquette always strives to go the “extra mile” for our business customers, by offering fast, personable service."

Sherry Waller, Assistant Vice President & Credit Analyst
(814) 455-4481

Jami Sundberg

“As a credit analyst/underwriter, my job is to understand your business and make an informed decision about the best resources needed to help your business achieve its goals. I have lived in northwest Pennsylvania my entire life and believe Marquette truly cares about making this region a great place to live and work.”

Jami Sundberg, Business Banking Representative
(814) 455-4481

Beverly Schneider

"My primary responsibilities are preparing documents and coordinating loan closings. I pride myself in using my experience to quickly process loan applications through to closing. Sometimes that means the difference between our customers realizing an opportunity or missing their chance to achieve their goals. Speed matters.”

Beverly Schneider, Commercial Loan Assistant
(814) 455-4481

Jennifer Krahe

"I am the contact person for deposit accounts, from opening, to setting up services, to ordering checks and everything in between. When we are able to help customers quickly and save them time and aggravation it really feels like you are making a difference.”

Jennifer Kuhn, Business Banking Representative
(814) 455-4481

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