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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Effective May 1, 2024. All prices are subject to change.

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Personal Accounts

Personal Accounts Attributes and Fees
AttributeMonthly Service FeeFee
Mpowered™ Checking Monthly fee for average daily balance below $100.00 $7.00/month
Mpowered™ Checking + BaZing Monthly fee $6.00/month
Mpowered™ Interest Checking + BaZing Monthly fee for average daily balance below $1,500.00 $8.00/month
Health Savings Account Checking Monthly service fee for average daily balance below $500.00 $5.00/month
All personal savings accounts No monthly service fee $0.00/month

Business Accounts

Business Accounts Attributes and Fees
AttributeMonthly Service Fee for Minimum Daily BalanceFee Items processing fee/overFee
Executive Business Checking Below $100,000 $50.00/month 1,000 items $0.15 each
Premium Business Checking Below $40,000 $35.00/month 1,000 items $0.20 each
Advantage Business Checking Below $10,000 $15.00/month 500 items $0.20 each
Small Business Checking and Estate Checking No monthly service fee $0.00/month 250 items $0.20 each
Business Savings No monthly service fee $0.00/month 100 items $0.20 each
IOLTA Checking Average collected balance below $1,500
$7.50/month 100 items $0.20 each


Statement Options

Statement Attributes and Fees
eStatements Free
Paper Statements $2.00/per account/per statement if not in a qualifying account relationship
Statement Copies $5.00 each


ATM and Debit Cards

ATM and Debit Card Fees
ATM/Debit blocked card (overdrawn, lost, etc.) $8.00 each $10.00 each
Reissue ATM/Debit card (customer’s request) $8.00 each $10.00 each
ATM/Debit unblock card $8.00 each $10.00 each
ATM Cross-border 1% of International Transactions  1% of International Transactions
Expedited card order pricing varies $42.00 minimum $42.00 minimum

Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking Fees
Online Banking Free
Bill Pay Inactivity Fee $7.50/user/month in which no activity occurs
Bill Payment Claim Services $15.00 minimum
Express Bill Pay $5.00 electronic (ACH)
  $15.00 consumer paper check (OLB)
Mobile Banking Free


Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer Fees
Incoming (Domestic & International) $15.00 each
Outgoing Consumer Domestic $35.00 each
Outgoing Consumer International $65.00 each
Outgoing Business Domestic $35.00 each
Outgoing Business International $50.00 each
Wire trace/Wire confirmation request $5.00 each


Ancillary Business Service Fees

Ancillary Business Service Fees
Remote Deposit Capture Monthly Service Fee $40.00
Remote Deposit Capture one-time setup Fee $50.00
Remote Deposit Capture Scanner See Remote Deposit Agreement
Internal Sweep Accounts $75.00/year
ACH originator one-time setup fee $10.00
ACH origination $15.00/month
BeB Check Positive Pay $10.00 one-time setup
  $25.00 monthly
  $5.00 per item processed manually by the bank
    Number of Check Issue Items from BeB File Import $0.04/item
    Number of Check Issue Items entered via
    BeB Interface
    Number of Exceptions company sees
    (after bank scrub)
    BeB Check Positive Payee $10.00/month
ACH Positive Pay $25.00/month
BeB Account Reconciliation $10.00/month
BeB Image Search $5.00/month
Night Depository Service $50.00/year which includes one locking bag and two keys
  $25.00/each for additional bag
  $10.00/each for additional key


Cash Alternatives

Cash Alternatives
Check purchase/printing fee (depends on style selected)
Treasurer's Check  $7.00/each not for bank purposes
Gift cards $3.50 each
Travelers card $7.50 each


Other Account Charges and Services

Other Account Charges and Services
Court order/tax levy/garnishment processing fee $100.00 each
Subpoena fee ($25.00 minimum charge assessed) $50.00/hour
Research fee ($25.00 minimum charge assessed) $50.00/hour
Employee assisted telephone transfer $6.00 each
Reconciliation fee ($10.00 minimum charge assessed) $20.00/hour
Returned mailing with bad address fee $10.00 each
NSF/Overdraft fee (Check, ATM or ACH, including Represented Items)¹ $35.00 each
Re-deposited item/deposited items returned $10.00 each
Re-deposited item/deposited items returned drawn on your own account $35.00 each
ACH item returned $10.00 each
Overdraft protection fee $10.00/transfer
Stop payment fee $35.00 each
Cancel stop payment $10.00 each
Canadian items deposited $25.00 each
Domestic and international collection items $35.00 minimum
Check/Deposit/Other Transaction Copies $5.00 each
Dormant account fee² $7.50/month
Escheat processing fee (plus drilling fee if applicable) $50.00/account
Account closing fee (Applies to Club Accounts closed prior to end of term and all other accounts closed within 90 days of account opening) $10.00 each
Reopen closed account fee $5.00 each
Account charge off fee³ $30.00 each
IRA transfer to another financial institution $35.00/account
Passbook replacement
$15.00 each
Coin/Currency Orders $25.00 each at the time of order
Dual Signature Verification $10.00/month

¹An insufficient funds item may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM or other electronic means. ²A checking account is considered dormant after one year of no activity. A savings account is considered dormant after two years of no activity. ³Applies to Club accounts closed prior to term and all other accounts closed within 90 days of opening. No charge for replacement due to passbook being filled. Subject to change at any time.


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