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Video Transcript

0:01 - Gentleman flying a plane
0:02 - Buildings going by
0:03 - Customer receiving change
0:04 - Fresh produce
0:05 - Students going to school, Saint Vincent Highschool
0:05 - Two men standing in front of Kraus
0:06 - Man drinking coffee on his front porch
0:07 - Child playing hop-scotch
0:08 - Three children posing for the camera
0:09 - Train going by
0:10 - Old warehouse
0:11 - Fishermen tying fishing nets
0:12 - Mother and daughter blowing bubbles
0:13 - Father and son on the baseball field
0:14 - Business opening for business
0:17 - Man and policeman embrace in a hug
0:18 - Gentleman smiling for the camera
0:19 - Farmer driving his tractor
0:20 - Farmer bailing hay
0:21 - Two gentlemen talking about a project
0:22 - Marquette employees posing for the camera
0:22 - End with a Mural being painted

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