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9/4/2020 - Are scammers calling you telling you that your computer has a virus? Or are you getting pop-ups telling you your computer has a virus? The Federal Trade Commission's article titled, 'How can you spot a tech support scam' explains what you should be on the look out for to spot these tech support scams. Click the above image to read the article. 

8/11/2020 - With the potential of a second stimulus package being finalized by Congress, scammers will be out trying to gain your bank account and personal information. Learn more by clicking the above image and reading the article from the Federal Trade Commission on how you can protect yourself from these scammers.

8/3/2020 - Scammers want to get your money from you as fast as possible, and they want to make it hard to be tracked back to them. Click above to watch this video from the Federal Trade Commission to learn how scammers make people pay, and how you can use this information to avoid scams.

7/14/2020 - A scam to be aware of involves an email that claims—falsely— it came from the Federal Trade Commission. It might say you’re entitled to some money from a phony “Global Empowerment Fund.” Do not fall for this! Learn more by clicking the above image and reading the article from the Federal Trade Commission.

7/2/2020 - Be aware of work from home scam - if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a video that outlines these scams. Click the above image to view the video on the FTCs site. 

6/3/2020 - Is a scammer getting unemployment benefits in your name? The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information article explains the steps necessary to protect yourself and your credit. Learn more by clicking the above image.

5/29/2020 - Did you know that if you still haven't received your Economic Impact Payment, you could be getting it on a debit card instead of a check in the mail? You can read more from the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information article by clicking the above image. 

5/8/2020 - Scammers are trying to sell you treatments for the Coronavirus - if there is a medical breakthrough, an ad on social media or a sales pitch over the phone isn't where you should buy the treatment from. Get informed by reading this article from the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information.

4/17/2020 - This is an alert for small business owners who are looking to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loans offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”).

4/13/2020 - The American Bankers Association (ABA) provided the Top 5 Scams to watch out for upon receiving your Economic Impact Payment. Click the above image to read more about these scams.

4/8/2020 - The Pennsylvania State Police issued a Community Awareness Bulletin regarding COVID-19 stimulus related scams. Please click the above image to read their bulletin and be careful!

4/2/2020 - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) Consumer News wanted to give you tips on your financial health during COVID-19. Please read this PDF provided by the FDIC.

3/26/2020 - Learn tips from the American Bankers Association (ABA) how you can avoid COVID-19 scams and protecting your money by clicking the image above. 

3/24/2020 - There are many scams happening, the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information created BINGO cards to help you identify the scam. Click above to read more!

3/20/2020 - Scammers are pretending to be the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) with fraudulent use of the FDIC name. Read this article directly from the FDIC for more information. 

3/18/2020 - The Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information (FTC) wanted to make everyone aware of scams surrounding possible checks from the government. Click the above image to read exactly what the FTC recommends. 

3/5/2020 - Money Mule Scams are happening everyday. Learn what a Money Mule Scam is from the ABA Foundation and the Federal Trade Commission, and what they suggest you do if you spot this scam. 

2/27/2020 - Everyone is on social media now, it's important to take the time to protect yourself against scammers. Please watch AARP's video on How to Avoid Social Media Scams!

2/18/2020 - There is an increase in Social Security scam attempts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers five ways you can recognize a Social Security Scam.

2/9/2020 - National Slam the Scam Day is coming up on March 5th. Read more about "Slam the Scam" from the Office of the Inspector General Social Security Administration by clicking the image above.

1/3/2020 - Stop abbreviating the year "20," instead write out 2020. Read this article from the USA Today explaining the importance of doing this to protect yourself from any scammers!

12/16/2019 - Are you getting lots of scam calls? The Social Security Administration scam is the number one scam reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Watch this video from the FTC on the Social Security Imposter Scam.

12/3/2019 - The U.S. Secret Service is launching a counterfeit operation that they are calling "Quick Glance" ahead of this holiday shopping season. Read their Press Release by clicking the above image.

11/26/2019 - Scammers are now calling you and demanding that you pay them with Bitcoin? Read more about this scam from the Federal Trade Commission by clicking the above image.

11/8/2019 - Beware of scammers impersonating the Erie County Sheriff's Office. Click the above image to go to the Erie County website for more information.

10/28/2019 - Don't fall for Love Scams! They are on the rise and the Electronic Payments Core of Knowledge (EPCOR) helps you identify techniques from scammers.

10/28/2019 - The Federal Trade Commission provides you with tips to fend off hackers from getting your personal information.

10/8/2019 - What is the Dark Web? How-To-Geek explains the Dark Web and what to look out for.

9/16/2019 - Are you getting robocalls? Rest assure Social Security is not trying to take your benefits! Click the link above to learn more.

9/13/2019 - Fraudsters are now calling elders pretending to be a grandchild, relative or friend in need of money. Read tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help protect them!

8/26/2019 - Protect yourself from fake check scams with these tips provided by the FDIC Consumer News.

8/22/2019 - It's time for your kids to go back to school. Click the link above for some back to school online safety tips.

8/19/2019 - Renting a home or apartment for the first time? Here are some helpful tips from the FDIC for first-time renters.

8/16/2019 - Romance Scams are happening daily, check out the FDICs video on the latest romance scams happening.

8/5/2019 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation explains how cyber actors are using online dating sites to conduct confidence/romance fraud.

7/29/2019 - Beware of fake settlement websites looking to cash in on the Equifax data breach. Read more from the FDIC.

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Do you think you've been hacked? Learn about important warning signs that you've been hacked, and the six steps you should take if you are hacked. Click the above image to read more.

Learn what exactly Phishing is, and what you can do to spot a phishing attempt by clicking the above image.

Scammers are now posing as big-name tech support companies hoping you'll click on their pop-up on your computer. Read more to find out what you need to be on the look out for.

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