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Marquette's SaveUp Program Makes Saving Automatic

Here's how it works:

Contact any Marquette office and let a representative know that you would like to enroll your Marquette checking account into the SaveUp program. Then every debit card purchase you make will automatically round up to the nearest dollar in your Marquette savings account. It's that easy!

Like any transaction, SaveUp could cause overdrafts subject to fees so you must remember to SaveUp in your checkbook register or in online banking to avoid overdrafts.


  • When you enroll your checking account, all debit card transactions on that account are included
  • SaveUp makes for easier bookkeeping when you use even dollar values in your checkbook
  • SaveUp activity can be accessed through online and mobile banking
  • Both checking and savings information are listed on your monthly statement
  • Designate a statement or passbook savings account, or a Christmas Club account of SaveUp deposits
  • Discontinue the SaveUp program at any time you choose

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